Rajrshi Chakravorty

“Undoubtedly, there is a sense of ease and convenience everywhere in our Candor campus. It is operational 24×7 and the key facilities are always working in tandem with our demands. Be it about safety, power, cleanliness or healthcare, the campus management team is truly responsive and helpful in every matter.”

Ramesh Nair

“With close to 70% of the current portfolio already operational and mainline presence in established IT office markets, Candor TechSpace is setting new benchmarks in India Realty in the field of quality commercial workspaces and asset management.
While maintaining the highest standards of quality, reliability and operational ease, supported by world-class processes, they have one of the most transparent and ethical operating practices. Understanding the client’s requirements and offering customised solutions are the aspects that clearly set them apart. It is no surprise that in a very short period, Candor has established itself as a leading player and a force to reckon within the India office economy.”

Ajay Jain

“The Candor TechSpace is host to one of our offices in India. As a large insurance company, we were very cautious when we were renting space in India. Candor Team was very supportive and a great help to us when we were setting up our offices. Keeping in mind our employees, office location was a key criterion for us. Candor TechSpace is conveniently located and well designed. The central lawn at Candor is a unique element that offers an enclave of peace and tranquility in our otherwise noisy and busy city life. Our employees enjoy working in a campus style office and appreciate the events they organize from time to time.”

Vidya Srinivasan

“Ours is a business that relies on resilient infrastructure and world class amenities for 24X7 working. Candor TechSpace is aligned to that aspect – be it safety and security of premises, resilient infrastructure or a wide range of amenities in the campus. The management is transparent and works as a true partner in resolving issues from time-to-time. We value the relationship with Candor TechSpace which has grown over a period of time.”